PEOPLE | Roxana Cruceanu, guest

Today we meet Roxana Cruceanu a young designer and software developer particularly interested in product design and the world of ICT. Roxana did her university internship at our studio during her last semester of studies. She was our guest for three months and collaborated on a couple of projects, one of which was carried out in total autonomy.

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Now have your say, which is our project that you find most interesting?

Definitely the label design projects, but I was positively impressed by the collection of Tajina lamps, designed for B-Trade and made of laminated cardboard and turned cork. In particular, I appreciated the sustainable design approach based on the use of natural materials


Tajina collection, lampade in cartone e sughero prodotte da B-Trade

What is the project of your dreams, the one you have always wanted to be entrusted to you?

Working on the design of an entire house capable of facilitating daily actions would be my ideal project.

Is there a specific project that has marked your professional career?

Currently the most significant project, to which I have dedicated the most effort, is my degree thesis, an automatic voice-controlled page turner designed for people with motor disabilities.

studio di design, magazine di design, intervista
Progetto di design

What do you bring with you of the experience you had in our studio?

Thanks to the work done within the studio, I learned many things that can be implemented in various fields, from packaging design to retail and product design. What I bring with me following this experience is the approach to design: every aspect of the project is analyzed in detail and this makes the work very stimulating.

Five words to describe us.

Harmony – Recognizability – Reliability – Refinement – Originality