Giulio Patrizi Agency is a multidisciplinary design studio active since 2009 at an international level. Packaging and visual communication are the main sectors in which the agency operates.

The studio works for international and local realities and brands, pushing the boundaries of the project in a contemporary vision that combines attention to materials, dedicated aesthetics and creativity, image intended as an instrument of identity.

Wine labels and packaging design are the most recent research areas, developed in particular for the excellence of Made in Italy, a work appreciated and awarded internationally.

Brand Identity

we work on different levels of communication to give a coherent image to your brand and working on all the main aspects that create impact and recognition: colors, typefaces and distinctive signs.


inspired by innovative creative strategies, we analyze all the product and brand information to design and create an attractive and winning pack.




Visual identity

Brand Manual

Graphic Design


Printed Materials

Web Design & Social Media

Packaging Design

Label Design

Product Design

P.O.P. Materials

Retail Design


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