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10 Mar When wine (and design) take neurons

What did we like at the Vinitaly edition that has just ended? Definitely know that the Italian wine industry is growing strongly in emerging markets and beyond. An ancestral product like wine that in recent years, thanks to new winemaking and marketing techniques, is increasing its value all over the world.

packaging, label design, giulio patrizi design agency

But why do we talk about wine to talk about design? Because the visual design and the identity study of a product are the basis of commercial success and fortunately many companies have realized it.
  The most interesting project we have found is the one developed for the Palmeto Costanzo winery from Spazio di Paolo. Label to which, among other things, the “Label of the Year” Special Award went to the 23rd Vinitaly Design Int’l Packaging Competition

It is not just a graphic work but a neuromarketing, research and innovation project related to the narration of the territory and the product. The Palmento Costanzo winery is located on the slopes of Etna in Sicily. To emphasize the relationship between the place where it is born and the product itself, a material pigment extracted from the volcanic dust of Etna was created, totally printable.
 “The idea of ​​using a natural color extracted from solidified magma recalls the territory and the volcano, the best guardian for the old vines of Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Carricante and Cataratto” explain by the Arconvert study. “Thanks to this process, the the label becomes multisensory and the result is extraordinary: sight, touch and smell are stimulated and the consumer is naturally led to touch the label intrigued by the natural luminescence of the minerals present in the pigment. By touching, the label seems rough, coherent and material. The nose is breathing Etna because the whole package is made only with Etna! “

Photography by Spazio di Paolo ©

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