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FURIO extra


FURIO is a rocking horse designed to be built together by an adult and a kid. A moment to share where a parent can rediscover the desire to play and the kid can explore and improve his manual and creative skills. FURIO is designed by Giulio Patrizi & Luca Scarpellini.

The innovative project IFU © TOYS born from the desire to rediscover family gatherings through the game and extend the proposal of the assortment Gi.Go. with oriented educational toys, through a collection that combines design, pedagogy and reinterpretation of toys for a time, all through the format  IFU© – Instruction For Use.



IFU©  – instruction for use is a brand that offers the public the projects of DIY design, easily achievable at home, with the help of simple paper instructions and a video tutorial that explain and accompany the user is in the purchase materials and tools, both in the early stages of construction.

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Gi.Go imports and distributes, through the best and well-known shops in Italy, toys and objects for kids and for playful adults. A constant research addressed to objects with a high content in quality and innovation. At Gi.Go you can find the incredible artistic objects made by Zolo, the tasteful handmade mobiles from Flensted in Denmark, the recycled cardboard ecological objects from Kidsonroof, the ingenious environmentally sustainable Wishbone Bike from New Zealand, the beautiful stickers made by Peridea and much more.



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