How Design Sells More

“The way in which the designer interprets the space, the role he manages to give to the light, the colors and the materials, the distribution of the products on display, the position he identifies for the sales support elements within the layout. distribution out, the presence of internal and external logos, the shop windows, the presence of focal points: all this contributes to the communication of a certain message “.1

The skill lies precisely in being able to orchestrate each element consistently so that the product becomes the true protagonist of the project, enhancing every detail and emphasizing the company’s style and brand value.

Display in plexiglass porta occhiali
Display per prodotto eroe con la doppia funzione di esporre e di separare i vari brand in vendita

Sometimes small tricks are enough to solve a display problem in a store such as the use of a display for a “hero product” or a good use of instore communication.

1 Michele Trevisan, Massimo Pegoraro (2007), Retail Design: progettare la shopping experience, Franco Angeli Editore.