PEOPLE | Giulio Patrizi, Creative Director

Today we meet Giulio Patrizi, founder and creative director of the agency of the same name.
Giulio has an approach to the multi-purpose and transversal project like his training that goes from product design to interior design and visual communication. His curiosity and desire to get involved allowed him to increase his skills and welcome professional challenges. Over the years he has worked and collaborated with large companies and project realities, held lectures and seminars in universities in Italy and abroad.

Ritratto fotografico di uomo su sfondo celeste con fazzoletti che volano
Giulio Patrizi Portrait

What was the path that brought you here today?

As is normal, my present is the natural result of previous choices, opportunities and experiences. I started my training course in Product Design and just ended the three-year cycle I enrolled in an interior design course at the Politecnico di Milano. Then my career started at Massimiliano Fuksas’ studio in Rome, where I worked on large projects ranging from product to architecture. Surely that was an excellent test. Then came the first satisfactions as a “young designer” with reviews in important sector magazines and television appearances

Scansione giornale Glamour

Then something went off, I realized that the world of furniture – that of magazine-coated design – didn’t have much room for action at least for me. My interest turned more and more to a design designed for companies and not for the final consumer. From then on it was a crescendo. I continued to study, I approached branding, visual communication and retail design.

Today my idea of design is closer to the concept of service than to a finished product. I work to help our customers achieve their goal.

How do you carry out your role as Creative Director in the studio? Do jobs have your style? Are you the one who dictates the rules?

I put people at the center, for me human capital is very important. Our agency is a small reality, we are not many and I leave a lot of margin to my collaborators, on the other hand, if you don’t delegate it is better to do things independently.
I don’t know how to define our style well: by working in many different contexts we can speak multiple languages. Being passionate about art and humanities, the design inputs often start from here, they are something that is part of me and that helps me put together images and references for my collaborators.

Ritratto fotografico di uomo che mangia gli spaghetti pasta con le mani
Giulio Patrizi Portrait Ph. Francesco Lamonaca

Is there a specific project that has marked your professional career?

Diciannove’67 or a wine packaging that has won 2 important awards such as the International Packaging Competition promoted by Vinitaly and the German Design Award, a prestigious German award organized by the Geman Design Council.
This award sanctioned our official entry into the world of packaging design, a sector in which we are working a lot and in a rewarding way. On the other hand, packaging is nothing more than a product design that aims to preserve and communicate. In a certain sense, the circle closes: I find all of my training in these projects.

Due uomini sorreggono un premio
we won the Design Award

What is your dream project? What have you always wanted to be entrusted to you?

My dreams change as the projects I want to implement change. However, I would like to create a project for the world of art, perhaps to design the communication system of a museum or an exhibition path,