PEOPLE | Dora Binnella, guest

Today we meet Dora Binnella, a reference in the world of Italian retail and visual merchandising. In addition to consulting for major brands, Dora is a trainer who holds specialist seminars throughout Italy. For years he has collaborated with our agency and work moments are always transformed into opportunities for sharing and fun.

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What are you doing? Say something about yourself.

I define myself as a Retail Innovation Designer specialized in Visual Merchandising: in practice I plan the interiors of a store in a strategic way, combining commercial objectives, design and experience.

Let’s talk about Giulio Patrizi Agency, what do you like about our agency?

Involving Giulio in our projects is fundamental when we find ourselves customers looking for innovative design: he and his team are capable of conceiving the unexpected, even on the simplest projects

studio di design, magazine di design, intervista
Visual Merchandising

Now have your say, which is our project that you find most interesting?

Paolo Parisi Special Pack: total! In a single project Giulio was able to combine natural materials, reuse (and what reuse!) Of the pack, a cool graphic and a message as clear as immediate and fun. It’s like having reinvented the umbrella: you think you can’t do better and instead, here comes the idea that you don’t wait.

What is the project of your dreams, the one you always wish was entrusted to you?

The development of a neighborhood supermarket completely different from the format we have seen for more than 40 years.

studio di design, magazine di design, intervista
Visual Merchandising

Is there a specific project that has marked your professional career?

The first project as a freelancer, immediately after leaving his multinational career. Seeing my ideas materialize, touching the fact that what developed led to the real increase in sales, gave me the strength to continue in the choice I had made. Since then I have pursued the same: to concretely support Italian commercial realities.

What do you bring with you from the experience gained in our studio?

The ability to know and want to surprise even in the simplest projects. And the fact that each project is not only the opportunity to face a challenge, a great team effort, but also that of being able to meet new people, realities and cultures.

Five words to describe us.

Innovative, reliable, fast and… .simatically Romanesque designers.

studio di design, magazine di design, intervista