Brand Identity, Packaging, Label design, Videomaking, Webdesign

Wine as an expression
of a territory

Borgo del Baccano is an agro-tourism company dedicated to the production of quality wines. Packaging, visual identity and communication strategy are the activities we carried out for the launch of the “Piana del Mosaico” wine line.

“Wine is an ancestral knowledge that belongs to man and his territory”

Giulio Patrizi

The graphic design of the labels

is inspired by an important cycle of mosaics found in a 3rd century Roman villa. belonged to the Roman emperor Septimius Severus.
Today the mosaics are exhibited at the National Roman Museum in Rome.

The products of the earth are the expression of the place, the people and the stories that have inhabited this territory for centuries.

For the communication of Borgo del Baccano we have created a territorial marketing project where the wine becomes the ambassador of the territory. Through the creation of video documentaries we have told the excellence of the territory, the artistic and natural heritage of the Valle di Baccano area.

Video making: AriseFromEyes