Packaging, Label design, Videomaking

Art, wine and territory in one label.

CINQUESSE is a wine dedicated to the artist Maria Lai and her work which is generated from the most ancient traditions of her remote native region.
CINQUESSE is the result of the collaboration between the JERZU Antichi Poderi cooperative winery, the Maria Lai Historical Archive and the Giulio Patrizi Agency studio which signs the packaging and communication project for this product.
The artist reworks CINQUESSE several times during his career, the work on the label represents the illustrated nursery rhyme dedicated to cultivation.

The idea of producing a fine wine dedicated to the artist

was born from the winery’s vocation to promote the territorial and cultural excellences of Sardinia, an ancestral land that is universally known for its beauties and its millenary culture.

Using the QR Code on the label, it is possible to access an emotional video where the artist, still alive, recites the nursery rhyme.

The snug label reproposes the work of Maria Lai imprinted on paper with a tactile silk-screen that gives great materiality to the label.