Label design

Change the disciplinary,
change the communication

The new CHIANTI DOCG Corte al Passo , and its related label, are born following a change in the production disciplinary of Chianti Docg. This provides for the possibility of adopting a new sugar limit starting from the 2019-20 harvest. Now the Tuscan wineries will be able to adapt to European regulations and produce high quality wines, favoring the tastes of foreign markets, especially the US, South American and Eastern ones.

Indigo Award Design

The classic label is ripped
apart revealing a
new modern visual identity

To create this label we were inspired by traditional Italian and French wine labels, examples of quality products and long aging. But the classic label is torn in various places and underneath it lets a new, more modern and contemporary one appear.

The produced label is printed on a single type of paper and the double support effect is simulated with a skilful use of the debossing technique . Controlled pressure is applied to the white area of ​​the label by means of a matrix, this allows to create a depression and to change the marking of the paper. In this way, the label seems to be obtained from the union of two different supports.

Etichetta di vino Chianti e relativo mockup con strappo
Visualizzazione di una bottiglia troncoconica di vino rosso Chianti con etichetta effetto strappo e lamina oro su sfondo bianco.